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1 to render motionless, as with a fixed stare or by arousing terror or awe; "The snake charmer fascinates the cobra" [syn: fascinate, grip, spellbind]
2 pierce with a sharp stake or point; "impale a shrimp on a skewer" [syn: impale, empale, spike] [also: transfixt]

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  1. A discontinuous affix, which occurs at more than one position in a word, typical of Semitic languages.


  1. To render motionless, by arousing terror, amazement or awe.
  2. To pierce with a sharp pointed weapon.
  3. To fix or impale.


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In linguistic morphology, a transfix is a discontinuous affix, which occurs at more than one position in a word. The prototypical example comes from the Semitic languages, where nearly all word derivation and inflection involves the interdigitation of a discontinuous root with a discontinuous affix. For example, derivations and inflections of the Maltese discontinuous triliteral root |k-t-b| (to write) are shown below:


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